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What is a Key Stage?
It is framework of the national curriculum that is used by all state schools in the UK, it is separated into four blocks called Key stages, and these represent the main stages of your child´s education. There is a prequel to stage one called Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), this caters for the education of pre-school children. If you would like to know more about department for Educations´ school curriculum visit there website.

What does my child have to take to school?
At this point in time there is no fixed national list of required stationery itinerary that children are required to take with them to school.

The majority or state and private schools do set there own list of items they request that pupils bring with them for the duration of there attendance. By questioning schools and teachers all over the country we have compiled the following list of item that your child will need each year, we have compiled it into the four main key stages. Of all the schools we questioned none of these expected any of there pre-school pupils to bring any items with them.

Primary School Stationery for ages 5-11

  Writing & Colouring Mathematics General
Key Stage 1 Years 1 & 2, ages 5-7 Your child´s teacher will not be expecting them to bring equipment into school, though it is recommended that they have use at home of: HB Pencils Colouring Pencils Sharpeners Erasers Your child will not be required to bring equipment into school, though for home work the following will be needed. Ruler Pencils Uniform, lunch box, backpack and other equipment that has been requested by the school
Key Stage 2 Years 3 to 6, ages 7-11

Children will have been using pencils since KS1 but will now be expected to bring there own. HB Pencils Sharpeners Erasers

In KS2 they will be introduced to using pens, we recommend a pen with an easy grip and flowing ink: Handwriting Pen

They will progress to using fountain pen, again look for models that are easy to grip, most parents opt for disposable buy reusable is still acceptable: Fountain pen

Art they will be using: Colouring Pencils Colouring felt tip pen Coloured markers

Now your chid has reached key stage 2 in most cases they will be expected to bring the following items to class on a daily basis.

A 30cm Shatter proof ruler and in some cases 15cm ruler in addition.


Calculator, use of a calculator is encouraged however they will first learn how to do mental and written calculations.

In year 5 and above the will need a compass

Some schools may supply there own scissors and request that students do not bring them onto school premises for health and safety reasons.

Pencil case Ringbinders Highlighter pens Safety scissors PVA Glue stick

Secondary School Stationery for ages 11-16

  Writing & Art Mathematics Books General
Key Stage 3 Years 7 to 9, ages 11-14)

A choice of blue or black roller ball or fountain pen is typically selected by KS3 students. Rollerball pens fountain pens biro pens

For project work and diagrams we would surest filling a pencil case with a selection of: HB Pencils Colouring Pencils Erasers

Art and design supplies would differ from school to school, the basics of KS2 will be required but as some schools supply the required art materials at this level we would advise you contact your admissions office to find out what will be required for your child.

Your school will expect students to have the following items for both class work and homework. Some schools may supply there own compasses and not want student to bring there own in for health and safety reasons however your child will still require one at home for course work .

Scientific calculator Ruler compass 360 Degree Protractor

Depending on the languages that your child will be studying you will need a French Dictionary, German Dictionary, Spanish Dictionay. Please check with your school as to the exact needs.

Pocket Dictionary Pocket Thesaurus

These are the general stationery products that schools will require students to bring with them to lessons throughout key stage 3. Some schools may supply part of the equipment how ever the all of the items listed will be required for homework. Pencil case Lever arch files Punched pockets Pukka pad project book Revision cards Glue stick Correction fluid

Key Stage 4 GCSE, ages 14-16

It is essential that you have a comfortable grip for exams, we recommend taking a selection of soft grip pens into an exam so you can change the type of grip you are using to hold your pen to help prevent soreness, try and keep them the same coloured ink where possible. Soft grip pens.

Pens, pencils etc will be needed for some exams and course work. Most exam boards will require you to a use transparent pencil case for exams. <HB Pencils Colouring Pencils Sharpeners Erasers Pencil case

The maths equipment that your child would be expected to own in key stage 4 is the same as the previous stage. We would recommend changing the batteries in your child calculator before the start of the exam season and to ensure they have a good supply of new pens to ensure they do not run out at a crucial moment.

Scientific calculator Ruler compass 360 Degree Protractor

A Desk Dictionary for use both at home and in school.

Set reading material for English and study guides check with your school for the recommended titles.

Revision books to aid with preparation for forthcoming exams.

Key stage 4 is one of the most important for your child. We recommend you ensure you have the following items as they are essential for all year 14 - 16 students. Revision cards Academic diary Pencil case Lever arch files Punched pockets Pukka pad project book Revision cards Glue stick Correction fluid


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